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How you create successful
stories with Swiftslide

better collaboration

Content creators put relevant material in Swiftslide and in one click content users select it when they need it.  Efficient teamwork.  Successful results.

up-to-date content

Always up-to-date prices, images, facts, figures,… in no time without stress and without mistakes.

smart feedback

User statistics give insights on the performance of  your content.

Swiftslide becomes a second voice

Thanks to its flexibility, Swiftslide supports multiple business and use cases.  It is the matchmaker between content creation and content use.  Content and information are coming together in one tool, suitable for both presenting and sharing.

This cloud solution with no user limit is the start of maximum collaboration in every type of business.  Not only because it’s accessible from everywhere also because it ensures easy content adding.  An intuitive, easy to use presentation tool.

“Creating and telling stories is a differentiator in today’s world of plenty. Swiftslide allows us to manage and share our content with all of our colleagues in an easy, user-friendly way.  Swiftslide brings us piece of mind. “

– Koen Helsen,  Marketing Director Cegeka

Ready for a success story?

Tell your story

Effective presenters use the same classic techniques as great storytellers.  Their presentations are marked by a clear beginning, middle and ending.  By using Swiftslide your traditional presentation can easily be structured like a story.  One with a happy yet powerful ending.


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